Three Myths About Giving Up A Baby For Adoption

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest changes and challenges that a person can experience. Unfortunately, not all pregnancies are planned. When women become pregnant, it is important for them to understand their full range of options. Regretfully, it is common for people to overlook the option of giving up the baby for adoption, and this can often be attributed to believing one of the following myths.

Myth: You Have To Wait Until The Baby Is Born To Start The Process

The process of giving up a baby for adoption is rather lengthy. There are numerous forms, examinations and interviews that will need to be conducted. Also, some states require the father to sign off on placing the baby for adoption. Due to these time-consuming tasks, it is important to note that many adoption services can start the process before the mother ever gives birth. By starting the process during the pregnancy, it is possible to help ensure the child is quickly placed with a loving foster family while minimizing the emotional stress that you must endure.

Myth: It Is Expensive To Place A Baby For Adoption

Sadly, there is a common assumption that placing a baby for adoption is expensive. Luckily, adoption services understand that many people lack the funds necessary to pay for these services. As a result, there are rarely any fees or expenses for birth parents. In fact, there are some adoption services that may help the mother pay for some of the medical expenses associated with the pregnancy. However, the availability and requirements for these funds can vary from one organization to another.

Myth: Adoption Agencies Only Accept Healthy Babies

There are many birth defects and genetic disorders that can cause a baby to have special needs. Sadly, it is often believed that only healthy babies can be placed for adoption, which may cause some people to overlook the viability of this option. Fortunately, most adoption agencies will accept children with these needs into their programs.

Deciding to give up a baby for adoption can be a major decision for a person to make. This can be further compounded by assuming some routine myths are facts. By having a thorough understanding that the process of giving up a child for adoption can start during pregnancy, that it is not expensive and special needs children can be placed with these services, you will find yourself in a better position to weigh this option.

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