5 Ways To Save Money On Funeral Costs

The costs of a funeral service can be a huge expense, especially if the death of a family member was unexpected. When it comes to planning the funeral, you of course want to do everything that you can to make the funeral respectful of your loved one and memorable for guests. In order to do this while also saving money, you will want to consider these five money saving tips:

  1. Limit Open Casket Viewing: Open casket viewing can be expensive because the funeral home has to use special chemicals in order to preserve the body. The best way to save money is to not have an open casket viewing, but if this is something that you want, you should definitely limit it. Having an open casket for friends and family to visit the day before the funeral can be expensive. Instead, consider having the open casket for only a couple of hours before the funeral starts, which is typically going to cost less. 
  2. Limit Number of Guests: The more guests, the more seating arrangements and equipment the funeral home has to use. This equipment includes the microphone for the funeral administer and anyone else speaking, as well as the amplifiers so that everyone can hear. Some funeral homes will also have separate rooms in which larger funerals are held and smaller ones are held. The smaller room is always more affordable. 
  3. Choose Cremation: Choosing cremation over body burial is, of course, a personal decision. However, it may help to know that cremation is more affordable because it is cheaper to bury ashes over a full body casket. You can even avoid the cost of burial if you choose to bring the ashes home with you or have them scattered somewhere. 
  4. Plan the Service Ahead of Time: If you have a loved one who is in hospice care, planning the funeral ahead of time is usually going to save you money. Booking early saves you money because the funeral home won't have to push around other arrangements in order to fit you in for the soonest time available. If you attempt to hold the funeral that same weekend that your loved one has passed, it will definitely be more costly, especially since you will have to find a funeral home that actually has a slot open for you.

When you use these four tips for saving money, planning the funeral for your loved one can be a bit less stressful and more how you want it to be since you won't have to stress about the cost of other arrangements. 

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